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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Elephant ride

The village of Ban Don (Buon Don) is located 45km north-west of Buon Ma Thuot, along the Serepok River. This village is known for the domestication of wild elephants. With a visit to Ban Don, you will learn more about the long tradition of elephant taming and legends of the Elephant King.


Situated near the Yok Don National Park, Don Village is a pleasant and scenic spot itself. You can see the longhouse (or “Nha Rong”), typical housing architecture of the Central Highland and watch a “Gong” music performance by tribal people. The space of Gong culture has been recognized by Unesco as a world intangible heritage. Most enjoyably is an elephant ride to explore the lush forests in aurrounding areas, including fording across the Serepok River. A novel and fantastic experience!

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